Wednesday, March 13, 2019

105-147 lb standing press 10 sets, 20 kg speed swings 32 sets,walking lunges,laterals

It's just been a month! Finally got my elbow and sickness basically fixed and woke up with my right upper calf jacked up and not really being able to bend THAT correctly? what the fuck?

I know it's from that weirdness in the rack with the press monday, hitting the upright and wandering around and whatnot but the fibula didn't want to glide and it was irritating. It's much better now but I'm really ready to be healthy all around again!

Solo training today so I played in the cage which sits on THE most level spot in the whole garage!
Also played with just taking it off the pins and just pressing with no walking. A virtual monolift for the press if you will

I really really really liked it

Standing press
45 x 5
65  x5
85 x 5
105 x 5 x 3
115 x 5 x 3
127 x 5 x 3
138 x 1 strong!
147 x 1
157 x 1!!

this is very exciting1 feel so solid under the bar. don't lose any tightness that I get from finding the correct position to unrack it from! we'll see when it get really heavy but 157 is not light either

20 kg speed swings
32 sets
256 reps
11,264 lbs moved
RPE 7.7

very solid but hard after presses in a different way. Warm today so that was great
Calf was holding up fine

Walking lunges
4 laps of 20 steps BW

started off with left only but found  after one lap right would hold so the rest were alternating
happy with this. it's not bad

3 x 6/6 with 20 lbs

not very high but ready for more load here

BW 168.
BF 12.9


on the mend

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