Wednesday, January 12, 2022

185 x 3 singles x 7 sets, 24 kg swings, floor pushups

 This went really, really well. Better than I even hoped. I did 3 dead stop singles for each rep at each set and the end result is I got to do 21 single start reps and I could feel the technique sinking in with each set'

The bottom line is this



Spot the X

Hip drive into hands into spot the X again

I wasn't quite sure if it was hips then hands or vice versa but Glenn said hips first and he was right. If I go hands first the bar goes forward and my  hips may or may  not get into the mix

But when I drive hips then hands I have to make sure to LOCK THE KNEES  or they bend and the bar goes forward too.

So, hips in front, elbows up, unrack and spot the X, lock the knees and drive the hips almost immediately ,the hands towards the X again. Easy peasy

sets 6 and 7 of 7 total sets

24 kg swings 5 sets of 8/8

practicing knee lock and hold

floor pushups

3 sets of 50 VERY STRONG


BF  13.7

 A very good day!

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Adam Mundorf said...

Great job Rif! Been loving the blog for over a decade!

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