Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Press 'experiment" day 190-210, 24 kg snatch, seated front raises, side raises

Wanted to go heavy again today to play with the new concepts and grip and shoes. Felt like I was getting sick Tuesday so I actually took off Wed from work and got to train early. Not feeling that bad ( actually slept well and made up for Tues) but not great either

All over the place though

Innov8 shoes wrapped thumb
65,85, 105 x 3
135 x 2
155 x 1
175 x 1 Fast and nice line
195 x 1 but out in front ack
195 x 1 good but casting doubts on the pure shoulder drive concept
205 x 1 slow
210 x X out in front badly
210 x X  switched to vibrams  no groove
205 x 1 shoe + false grip ( video shown ) ok but not the right line
205 x 1 shoe and wrapped thumb. better
190 x 1 shoe and thumb fast
195 x 1  as above and fast

what did I learn?
not much really. Still dont seem to have the optimal groove for me down. it's not just strength but direction of bar path I'm not sure

the false grip is stronger but I also get out in front with it when it gets heavy, even if I make the lift
Not really sure why flat footed is better

But then I had an idea greasing the groove with the bar in the gym just playing around. I'm starting with the weight on my heels trying to get under it from the start.
Everything else I do lately involves having my big toe rooted.
Playing with that on the lockout and then shifting back to my heels as I initiate felt very interesting. Got the idea from watching Oly legend Tommy Suggs explain the double layback press ( Old oly press)

at 1:50 in

So I will try that Saturday. With the oly shoe and the wrapped thumb

24 kg snatch

these are ok but snatches have jumped the shark for me. Time to find a substitute. Maybe two clubbell swings

Seated plate raises
25 x 10
35 x 8, 6

these felt ok when doing them but left bicep tendon didn't like them, back to floor pushups. I think I'm feeling their absence under the bar too for some reason

BW 172.6  ( this didn't help)
BF 12.5 ( bath)

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