Saturday, December 28, 2019

220 miss x 3, 205 x 1 x 5,pistol practice,Incline pushups

It's said you either win or you learn. I learned a bit more today. I should have been more worried as I felt so good going into the workout but I thought it would a stronger day than this. But I figured out ( at the end of the workout, as is always the case) the last flaw in my technique and that would be well worth missing 100 kg again.

It was seriously cold in the garage today too ( 36 deg) but I can't say that hurt me much. I was well warmed up and had plenty of layers on

warmups went great and I was intent on driving the bar from the start from the shoulders, as I learned last time as well as pre tensing my arms and upper back as I decided to do. that felt great and the reps in the warmup followed a perfect line to lockout

It's all easy 'til it's heavy though

65, 85 105 x 3
135  x 2
155 x 1
175 x 1 Fast!
195 x 1 fast!
205 x 1 SLOW
   this gave me pause. It locked out but very slowly. Not a good sign.  But I said fuck it and put 220 on the bar
220 x X  x 3 singles  Fuck
205 x 1 x 5 singles decent. How crazy is that

THEN I realized that one very possible cause of the bar going forwards at sticking point is when I mentally switch to using triceps for the lockout and STOP thinking of driving with the shoulders! the triceps extend the arm and the bar and if the shoulders are not continuing shoulder flexion the tri's will take over and push the bar forwards. Which is exactly what seems to be happening
So I lowered the weight to 190 and focused on shoulder drive through the whole rep but especially the sticking point
It moved perfectly in the line I wanted!
Went to 195 and the same thing!

I've been thinking of this as a vertical bench press and that worked for a long time, but now the shoulders are the limiting factor and I have to drive the bar back and up with them more than anything!

I might actually take another max on Wednesday. We'll see

But this changes things:

Subbing out floor pushups ( which have been for triceps for lockout) with seated plate raises ( an old WSB favorite assistance move of mine ) to strengthen shoulder flexion from start to finish, After pistols on Sat. I'll keep the weighted pushups in the mix on Wednesdays

But the main difference will be mental, my new intent. And seeing this as a shoulder move not a triceps one

This could be a game changer

Also: perhaps wrap my thumbs again to enhance shoulder involvement  and go back to the low heeled lifting shoe ( going flat was to fix the problem caused by pushing the bar forward. ) we'll see too

Pistol practice
4 sets of 2-3 last set free
decent but legs tired

Incline pushups
3 x 35

BW 173.2
BF 12.2
W 58.4

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