Saturday, May 09, 2020

Thursday Speed ruck

Another no ruck walk. Testing out my Topol trail shoes with a 3mm drop. Don't like them. Thought they might be ok for this work but it seems I need just even a little more heel to have better speed.
Plus, my left anterior tib tightened up again; not as bad as before but I guess it's not just the boots. Need to stretch the calves out before I go out it seems

No ruck ruck
6 laps
5709 steps
2.7 miles
Second lap time 7:10
total time ( 47 min / Not sure )
5th lap time 6:50

everything felt fast but it was tight and not easy on left leg
Seems that without the ruck I start too fast too and that's always a mistake

If I can solve the tight calf issue speed will really improve. No lung/ wind issue

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