Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sunday Ruck

Just a little bit of sweat :)
After yesterday's swing test I was interested to see how my legs and back would feel today during the ruck. Surprisingly everything was A OK. Even better than good.
I wore my black boots,which are slightly less supportive than the tan ones to see how my foot strength is coming and it didn't make any difference at all. Happy about that too.
Could be time to start increasing the distance a bit now too.
The ruck standard test for many military units is 12 miles in 3 hours. still not sure how far I'm going but I think I can start adding a a few more minutes to the course. Little by little.
No more laps ( can't take any more of that) but I can start walking a bit on the "hardball" as Al Ciampa calls the road when he's rucking.( great article here on Hardening for the Combat Soldier. and I got a preview of his new article on ruck marching and how to do it- it's excellent!)

Felt strong at the end of the walk today too.

Lap one  untimed
two 8:25
three 8;17
four 8:10
five 8:13
six 8:08
seven 8:11
eight 8:06
nine  8:01
ten 7:58
eleven 7:55
twelve 7;45

decided to use the voice memo function of the phone to record actual times. worked great.
things started good and got faster. all systems fluid and strong except for shoulder. was "out" up til lap five or so. In addition to my 30-45 sec squat holds at the end of each lap I included some basic lat stretches one arm at a time and that seemed to convince my distal clavicle to play nice again and sit where it us supposed to.
The shoulder though was not from the elbow /wrist as usual but the clavicle. at least the source is different.
Small things

ok presses and squats tomorrow, roll stretch and hang today


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