Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Ruck: take the long way home.

The pack felt like nothing on my back today, which is amazing. I had to actually weigh it to make sure it was the correct weight. It was 39 lbs( need to add a few next week). Legs felt fresh and loose, back felt solid but my damn shoulder was not in it's happy placed and ached the whole damn time.

Switched pillows last night and it didn't work well. Waay too sensitive these days but it is what it is.
 Can't really complain it used to be ALL kinds of multiple things "out" at the same time so this is no big deal.

The idea is to increase the distance of the ruck now, inching towards three hours. So I did my twelve laps then took the long way home on the hardball. Problem was that I was tired of the aching shoulder and only increased the distance by ten more minutes. But, its a start .

Lap times :
1) untimed
2) 8:20
3) 8:24
4) 8:15
5) 8:10
6) 8:11
7) 8:15
8) 8: 15
9 ) 8:12
10) 8:09
11) 8:01
12) 8 :04

Plus 11 sets of deep squat holds. Love these

People ask me why I walk in circles, doing laps instead of 'going for a hike'  I'm walking laps so that I can measure my progress. I will progress to walking in the hills for overall time when my body is ready for that kind of load, but for now, this is what I need to keep getting stronger and more enduring.
Just like a swimming swimming laps I need to know what my pace is so that I can tell if I'm improving or not , as well as feeling what a specific lap pace is.
No matter what, though, it takes me 45- 60 minutes for my legs to get into it and my lungs to open up.
Been like that for 35 years don't think it's going to change now and that's cool
I'm not training for backpacking I'm training to increase my leg and back strength and endurance and this seems to be the fastest and most efficient way to do so.

If I could I would next like to add in another, shorter walk on thursdays.Perhaps an hour with a 10 lb heavier pack but don't see that happening in the near future.

More important would be to add  a swim session in on thursdays, I need to get back in the water. That will happen first.
BTW I am now a GoRuck affilitate so anyone clicks on the  picture on the front left of this blog it will take them to the very interesting world of GoRuck and the gear and events they put on

In my minds eye, my long term, dream goal, is to do the GoRuck Challenge for my 60th birthday. Still a long way off but it is a BIG challenge and I will need plenty of training for it.

Lots of military presses tomorrow


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