Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Snatch Vo2 45 sets of 6,walking lunges, OH BBholds, pushups

Tough one today, as these always are, but good as well. Snatch form was much improved from last week as I leaned in right from the start and it worked perfectly. Found it much easier to go fast and less resistance in the groove overall.

Right shoulder was better than last week but was good all day til it was snatching time :) I swear I think the thing knows I need it to be as good as it can and it's spiting me :) The elbow circles, done behind rounds worked pretty well and the shoulder was good -75 %- but not ache free and that didn't give me as much ROM overhead as I hoped.
Even got a very solid shoulder stretchout this AM
But the work was strong and solid and the left shoulder had the best overhead I've seen with it in eons.

Snatch Vo2
16 kg
45 sets of 6
270 reps
9720 lbs work
22 minutes.

 As usual the biggest problem is dealing with all the sweat! need a freakin headband now.

Walking lunges
three laps of 40 total steps

we were still pretty cooked from the snatches and dropped a set. no worries

Barbell OH holds
45 lbs for 45 second three sets

easier to get and hold overhead but shoulders were tired from the snatches. this is working well though. time up from last weeks 30 sec.

parallel grip pbar pushups
15 15 11 10

solid work here too. shoulder fine

ok CNS is on overdrive. stretch hydrate and relax!



Diana said...

Agree with the sweat thing! I've been doing snatch Vo2 for a few weeks and I'm up to 30 rounds of 8. The sweat just pours out!
Forgot how much I love the rush of this workout.
Can't wait to get back up to 80 rounds!

Mark Reifkind said...

Nice work! I am only going to train for 50 sets of 8. that was the original protocol and then he went to 80 sets.
50 is enough for me!
and I still have to bump my reps first. only doing 6's right now

Diana said...

Good point about the original being 50 sets...I may stop there and then start again with next size bell instead!

Mark Reifkind said...

about going up in weight. remember that the key is speed and getting your heartrate to the maximum. that is the goal of this protocol.
training with a HR monitor is very effective.
If the bell is too heavy to move fast enough it isn't as effective
If it's too easy make sure the overhead position is perfect and pause at the top a second before throwing it down fast( overspeed eccentric is very important here)

Diana said...


Mark Reifkind said...

most people don't focus enough on getting their HR up on this.the idea is spending as much time as possible at your top end HR to elicit the max vo2 adaptation