Monday, November 03, 2014

Sunday Ruck: The base has set

Thank goodness for going back to Standard Time. I hate daylight saving time with a passion. When you get up daily at 4 am your body knows exactly the difference between "true" 4 am and DST bullshit 4 am.
DST 4 am is THREE AM and it's not the same,lol. At least not for my body. So the shift felt perfectly natural. A little late actually. We usually fall forward sooner and my body was craving it.
So I felt very good starting the walk Sunday am. Good nights sleep and my body none the worse for wear from Saturday's training.

First three laps around 8:20-8:15  the new starting speed has set in. No more 8:45's it seems
Four - five 8:15-8:10s
Six an seven the same inching towards 8:05
Eight nine and ten about the same. getting tired now
Eleven 8:00 flat
Twelve 7:55  no pr but fast enough for sure.

very solid everything felt squared away and solid.

Twelve sets of squats 45 sec holds with the three stances alternating on each lap/

the photo above was on lap 11

The 40 lb pack felt LIGHT. Cat litter is much better to carry than plates and db's :)

ok datsit

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