Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Ruck; steady state then all new PRs!

Slept hard last night and woke up with a bit of a wonky twisted back. Can't stay in bed too long or this seems to happen. Got up and stretched it out pretty fast but it was tighter than it's been so I wasn't that sure it was going to be a great ruck.
Didn't want to push anything either as I have to get on a plane in a few days and perform and travel a lot and don't need any tweaks at all
Made sure to super hydrate and roll stretch and hang yesterday and felt great all day and night- til this morning and things felt much better very quickly.

Started out with five very slow laps and thought for sure it was going to be just a slow and steady day but then things got easy and fast . very easy and fast!

lap 1 untimed
lap 2 8:20
      3 8:21
      4 8:21
      5 8:18
      6  8:10 !
      7  8:00
      8: 8:00
      9  7:56
     10 7:55
     11 7:50
     12 7: 31 All time PR!!!

wow,this felt SO good after lap 8. things just took off. as last week the pack felt like nothing after lap 5 my legs really loosened up and the lungs too and I just took off! very very cool. SO nice to have been given the opportunity to feel this feeling again. I remember it well from my endurance training days where you felt like you could run, swim, bike, move forever! with almost no effort. very very cool.

12 sets of 45 sec isometric squat holds which also were the deepest and best ever! Just solid all over today.

shoulder's feeling very well and I think the PT session was good doing the isometric rotator cuff work he recommended and it seems to be helping.As did the SMR work this am on the mini nova and roller

Presses tomorrow.
Bodyweight this am 160.4



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