Wednesday, February 20, 2019

First ( mini) workout back since the flu

Didn't even know what hit me.

No wonder Saturday's 60 kg session was so hard, I had the flu I just didn't know it yet. Tracy's been sick for days and I was right next to her throughout it but it bit me hard Saturday night with a serious fever, body aches, chills, etc. the whole shit show
Plus, I had to take care of Tracy, who was way worse.
Had the most serious fever I've had in 30 years 101.5 and it wouldn't freaking drop til this morning. I sweated through five t shirts both last night and the night before!
Crazy but a good sign that the fever was leaving and the infection was getting killed.
Doesn't matter how much you can lift in weight terms, one invisible bug can knock you right to your knees and keep you there.

Last time I had the flu was about 25 years and it kicked my ass then too.

Tried a  little press workout today and it was fine. Felt good to do something but man I tire fast

45 x 4
65 x 3
85 x 3
105 x 3 x 7 sets

datsit :)

better than nothing. Was going to go on a short ruck but I better wait to be sure I'm good to go for work tomorrow

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