Wednesday, February 13, 2019

20 kg speed swings 35 sets of 8,Standing press 111-145 lbs x 3, walking lunges bw, laterals

This pyramid worked really well and may be the better use of this day press wise. I warmed up to my usual work weight 105 or 111 and did 3 sets, but then added weight every two sets and then every one til I got to 150 for an easy  triple. This really let me work my technique with a variety of different loads.

Things went very well.

But first

20 kg speed swings
35 set of 8
total time 20 min ( ave 17 sec per set)
280 reps
12.320 lbs

nice and balmy today instead of frozen. my body always works better in this temp

Standing press
45 x 5
65 x 3
85 x 3
111 x 3 x 3 sets
121 x 3 x 2
126 x 3
131 x 3
137 x 3
142 x 3 ( video above)
150 x 3

technique held across the spectrum

unrack with arms and chest
lean way back
elbows up
shove and then drive HIPS instead of focusing on bar! this worked so much better

I always get a great launch then lose the hip position and then the lift
this way I got the shove then flexed glutes hard and forward and the bar continued to go up but not forward, nor did my hips shoot back
It felt VERY much like my bench press. The goal almost to drive the hips off the bench ,lol

Elbows up before launch is key
elbows up
NO drop pop,
just  bar drive then hip drive

getting closer for sure

Walking lunges
3 laps of 40 sets bodyweight

good break from loaded

3 sets of 8/8 with 20
too heavy today

BW 170.0
BF 13.5

happy with today

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