Sunday, February 24, 2019

8 lap 48 lb ruck

Back on track. Was tough to get going today but got eight very solid laps before I called it. I could have done more, and, as actually just starting to 'warmup' but knew I shouldn't push things at all

It was cold too. So cold  I went out without a second cover, just my xoskin t shirt and turned around and went back to get a windbreaker after the second lap! never done that before in six years of this! But I'm taking NO changes getting sick again.

Mentally tougher than anything, I've fallen out of the habit and it was harder than it should've been to get back in the saddle.

But hard don't matter Getting it done does, and it got done

48 lb ruck
8 laps
8 support squat stretches
1:20 min

BW 166.4 !!
BF 12.5

press time tomorrow we'll see how that fares and if my weight's up a bit

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