Saturday, March 18, 2023

40 kg one arm swing 20 x 5/5, 40 kg belt squat 3 x 10, pullaparts

 This was a strong one.A really good nights sleep didn't hurt one bit. Wish I had more bodymaintenance in but I got what I got. No real tweaks but left biceps tendon/levator scap keep activating. Getting it sorted but slowly

One arm swings

40 kg  20 sets of 5/5

Bell height and power were outstanding. This groove is really setting in

Pace was pretty  fast even as we worked to slow it down, Pretty warm today also while welcome, a big shift from lately. Getting back in heat shape might take a minute this  summer

40 kg belt squats 3 x 10

learned my lesson from last month. just tens , felt solid

Mini band pullapart 3 x 30 3 angles

BW 175.6
NF 12.7 B
W 58.3

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