Monday, January 14, 2019

Step back or fall off- Standing press up to 185 miss x 2 , 180 x 1, 40 kg belt squat, floor pushups laterals

I didn't really realize it's been seven weeks of over 90% presses with 5 of those PR weeks.  And after being sick all week and not sleeping well last night, both training partners out and feeling cold and sore I shouldn't have expected much. And that's what I got. not much

I was so hopeful for this new technique but like usual once the weight gets over 90% all bets are off. This thing  gets SO challenging for the start and the lockout, especially with my shitty shoulder flexion, but some reps were easy so it's there. Somewhere. Putting it together for 200 lbs will be the deal. But I was so close last JUNE! Damn.

And my new numbers are definitively higher than those I did prior to those three close misses in June.  I also never max well in winter. That freezing gym is just not conducive for it. But I've got to try.

Lots of balance problems once I got over 175. Missing the bar out in front and not really sure, even here, which this was supposed to FIX, of how to initiate the launch
I dropped back more than a few times and things went well but then nothing at 185.
So weird

Standing press
45 x 5
65 x 3
85 x 3
105 x 3
135 x 2
155 x 1 strong!
175 x 1 faster ever possibly
185 x X fast start but then no sense of balance bar out in front
185 x  X same thing
155 x 1 fast
180 x 1 ( above) not bad at all!
185 x X fuck.. balance again
135 x 1 push press. well that's not going to work
165 x 1 hard

two kb military press
2 16's x 5 x 3

better mobility in this than ever. but I don't think it'll help

40 kg belt squat

did some bar back squats prior to this just to play form and my left adductor and calf went wonky. Great

Floor pushups
40 x 3 just mentally hard.

one arm laterals
3 x 10/10

bent laterals
3 x 10 with 15's

BW 169.6
BF 12.1

well damn now what?

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