Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Ruck. which distance to believe ?

Strange walk today. Woke up feeling great, the single bell squats did not lock up my back at all, slept plenty and well and got a quick stretchout before the ruck. Added 2.5 more pounds ( in the form of a liter of water) to bring the ruck weight up to just a bit above 40 lbs. Don't know if that made such a difference from 38lbs but I was slow today.

It also had to do with trying to synch both my pedometers, one the iphone health app and the other a Strava GPS run/cycle app. The difference was dramatic. And a bit discouraging.
But it still doesn't add up exactly

Started off pretty slow laps,8:40 's , in the dark, as I got started so early. The iphone had me at the same distance per lap and the same 1873 steps or so. The Strava had me at 1/4 mile. Big difference. Four laps would equal one mile and at six laps per hour that was no where near 3.7 mph! More like 2.5 Couldnt do the math to add in my 60 sec or so break each lap to do the isometric squat holds but the accelerometer in the iphone still was counting my total steps for 11 laps and two hours as 14,397 but calculated that at 6.5  miles ;that's 3.25 mph

The Strava had me at 5 miles for the two hours including breaks for squats and that averages 2.5 mph. It was pretty consistent measuring each lap at .4 mile until lap 5 where it registered. .5! then I took a lap around the lap park in the street and it measure that too as .4, and I know the distance was greater; so which one is right?

The accelerometer measures the actual steps I take but the gps should be pretty accurate, so if you combine the two that's 14,400 steps / 5 miles that's 2880 steps per mile. pretty high even for these short legs :)

Either way things were slow until lap 8 when I started breaking into the 8:15 range. why I have no idea. Ended up doing 11 laps in 2 hours > I could have done 12 but it didn't seem right. I think I am staying with the  iphone pedometer and focusing on # of steps, lap times and total time rucked.

That's enough data I think. It really took away from the enjoyment of the ruck but it needed to be done. Plenty more where that came from :)

Oh, and during each pole squat I started doing neck nods and IMMEDIATELY each nod dropped me DEEPER into the squat!! I couldn't believe it. For each set too. every time. that's very interesting.Probably will work with goblets as well. have to try. Might sub them back into the Saturday workout.

datsit. presses and kb hacks tomorrow


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