Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Ruck measuring the distance

Didn't sleep all that well last night, between the dissipating cold and the soreness from the morning's workout already setting in it was a restless night. I really didn't want to ruck but there was no question about going. The lazier you get the easier it is to get lazy and it s a very slippery slope. so out I went.

Once I got going it wasn't too bad; all the walking around airports and europe with the pack did some good. It wasn't a 40 lbs pack but it was close :)

I decided to not stress about the time per lap but with my new iphone 6 I had a built in pedometer so I used that to keep track.

Just did 10 laps and I was lucky to get that; felt ok but slow up to lap five then speeded up a bit but also started to feel the fatigued. Though about only 8 laps but wanted to see what 10 laps gave me on the pedometer and those last two were actually the fastest.

Laps 1-5 around 8:20 to 8:10
         6-8 8:10s
Lap 9 8:00
Lap 10 7:50

Total steps 14,037
Total miles 6.53
Time = 1:45

so it looks like I'm walking about 3.7 miles per hour!
that's not bad especially with a stop each lap for a 30-45 sec squat hold.

Each lap averaged 1873 steps for the various lap times. Even if it is off a bit that's not bad for a guy with a TKR and a 38 lb pack  :) Next week need to add a few water bottles and get it to an even 40 lbs

Hopefull the cold, jet lag and soreness will be getting better each day :)

tomorrow: barbell military presses!


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