Monday, December 22, 2014

Barbell Military press, KB hacks, floor pushups, hip sled

This actually felt decent today. No back pain from the swings or the rucking. Single bell or Goblets it is.
Got a full hour stretchout this morning and was pleasantly surprised( amazed, actually) at how easy stick dislocates were today!
Not that they were great, or actually real dislocates, but the stick got all the way over my head and I was able to even decrease the grip a smidge as I warmed up. What a pec and front delt stretch
But something has  definitely changed in my orthopedic anatomy to let me do this. Crazy. Now it feels much like it used to feel, although I am too scared to try a handstand. Don't want to miss.
I will wait til I know I can make one and them play with it. Still have a long ways to go overhead but I am overjoyed at this progress.
That and not having ANY right arm nerve pain anymore. That alone is worth it all.
I truly thought that this was IT for this shoulder and I was screwed.
How nice to be wrong on this one :)

Geoff has been talking to me about OS a lot and I have been rocking and crawling for the last year plus, as I worked to increase my knee ROM but I pretty much ignored the head work, and the rolling, as the last few times I tried it, my HUGE ribcage always hurt on the floor.
I only need to roll, or turn from left to right and this new neck adjustment, and subsequent head position showed me that I need to pay way more attention to my head and neck position and ability to move.

SO lots of neck nods as well and just as yesterday in my ruck squats I found myself sinking deepr and deeper into my rocking posture as I did the neck nods at the same time! Even in seiza! VERY cool and I'm very excited about this. Even did some rolls this morning too and they went well. Just focused on leading with the eyes then the head, and then let the rest of me move as desired. No pain :)

My neck has clearly been "out" and it's in now. much better this way

Barbell Military Press
45 lbs x 5 x 2
55 x 5
65 x 5
75 x 5
80 x 5 x 5 !

very strong and solid and almost no ache ( after the first four sets :) ) Best its felt yet. There will be 45's on that bar sooner rather than later

KB Hack.
Had an idea about this given the neck nods epiphany. Did these with my head up ( or at least as "up" as I could

First with the heels on the block again

these started on the block but then I realized if I shifted onto my toes even more I would go deeper. So I did and I could!

this above was the fifth set

Next set I did without the block, just on toes, and, despite some balance problems it went well

altogether 6 sets, the first with the 12 kg and the rest with the 16. Used the comp bell and it felt more balanced in this as the COM was lower
Very happy with the improvement over one week

Floor pushups
4 sets of 12

no problem but delts were tired from the presses

Hip sled
102 lbs x 250 ft x 4 laps

very strong here, even after yesterday's ruck

ok one day rest then 450 max vo 2 swings on wednesday! back on track again and in the correct circadian rhythm time zone



Diana said...

That squat on the toes would break my feet....literally!
What are the benefits of doing these kinds of squats?

Mike Moran said...

OS is like magic. Seems hokey as heck but once I started doing it regularly and daily I have never felt better or stronger. OS+KB's = Strong and Mobile in ways for me that nothing else has done. Merry Christmas Rif!

Mark Reifkind said...


lots of knee rom/ flexion and strength in the lower quads. oh and stronger feel and more flexible ankles

Mark Reifkind said...


it's certainly been helping my knee ROM and shoulder issues as well. For me it wasn't about the crawling or rocking, which Ive been doing and getting ok results but the neck work. that seemds to have made the most difference very quickly

Anonymous said...

Nice! I must try those. Happy Holidays, Mark.

Peace ~ Bear