Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Snatch Vo2 40 sets ( +4),walking lunges, BB OH holds, pushups

Decent workout but a bit frustrating. Shoulder was perfect all morning and then an hour or so before coming to snatch it started tightening up.Just never got to settle in but it wasn't that bad so I just got to it.

Snatch Vo2
16 kg
40 sets of 6
240 reps
8640 lbs work

then 4 sets of 6/6 after I realized the other video cut off my overhead position. It was about 1 minute rest Overhead is not as bad as it felt but the shoulder ache was an irritant
BUT I learned a lot about my groove too.
I realized/remembered that I cannot sit back on these, I have to lean forward first and that puts my hips back into the hinge. If I try to sit too early I just go up and down and it's never right. The last sets were very good,If my shoulder would have shut up I could have actually enjoyed the sets.
Have to move my stance in a bit too.

45 sets next time and then onto 7's for the last five sets. Once i really get this groove down the speed will come back'
Feels GREAT to be moving fast and sweating like a pig and breathing crazy hard again. I've missed this.

Walking Lunges
4 laps of 40 steps each lap

these are always freaking painful but they are getting there. knee to the ground on every rep

Parallel bar pushup
3 x 15, 13, 10


ate up took a nap. strangely enough, did a bunch of elbow circles while lying on my back and the elbow and shoulder settled right in and now, a few hours later, feel the best they have in a long time.
very weird but I will take it!


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